Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Times in D.C.

My long awaited internship with the Federal Judicial Center has finally begun. Today was the first day on the job and I must say, I liked everything about it. Commuting by way of metro, passing through metal detectors, sitting through training meetings, and get started on a couple projects...it was all awesome. I just get energized by all aspects of this, I get on the metro in the morning and I am surrounded by people in suits, reading newspapers on their way to work and simply just looking important, which is fun to do even if you aren't important yourself. Then there is work, which is situated just next to Union Station and the SEC, and not far from the Capital. This alone makes my job feel cool not to mention to sweet layout inside the building. And there are so many cool tasks I might become involved in. Obviously the menial labor has its place, but there will be cool meetings I can attend with prominent judicial persons, the opportunity to proofread legal/management books up for publication, attend Supreme Court debate sessions, and many other interesting things. I plan on going to every single meeting possible, it will just be fun to be a part of it all. Already we have been invited to an event, some judges/attorneys get together tomorrow evening at a restaurant, how cool is that? Our supervisors just invited us and said it might be good for networking opportunities. What also makes it great is being with other BYU guys, we have a lot of fun together. Definitely looking forward to working, plus it's only 4 days a week, if it ever happens to get less cool.

Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building

It gets better though. After work, we decided to catch the baseball game, so we hopped the subway and went out to the park. I haven't been to a professional baseball game in a long time, it was a blast, a little cold, but still fun. Tickets were only 7 bucks, plus it was not even close to sold out so we moved closer to the field, and when the game was nearing its end, and we were starving after not having eaten since lunch, my friend decided to hit up a nacho stand that was closing and they gave us free food since it would be wasted anyway...what a night for only 7 dollars! All in all, a great day, and many more to come.

Myself and fellow FJC interns.

In-between-inning entertainment. These guys were dressed up as presidents and raced around the park, I believe Roosevelt won.