Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"What are you doing in Florianopolis? Don't you ever go to school down there?"

This was Dad's last email to me. I must admit, my schedule is favorable to travelling. I only have classes 2 days per week, but I have 9 hours of class on Monday...I can't help how they set up my schedule. It is kinda like binge studying.

The real explanation, though, it is spring break and Dan and I are enjoying the great city of Florianopolis (Floripa to locals) for the week. Floripa is a very charming city situated on an island just off the mainland in south. It is the "surf city" of the country and may just be my preferred local in all of Brasil. Big city but very relaxed pace of life, and there is much more to do than just beach life.

In other news, in light of my very open schedule I am participating in GV's Junior Enterprise. Basically, it is a group of student consultants and my team and I meet with businesses to discuss their difficulties and propose solutions. But the grunt work is left for other teams, so it works out nicely.

Interestingly, I have not come to know Sao Paulo very well. It seems every chance I have I am travelling elsewhere. My goal for this next module is to get to know places in Sao Paulo. Why is it that whenever we live somewhere we often overlook it for other places of interest?

Here are a few pics from the stay in Floripa thus far:

There was a Childrens Day party at Samara's work before we left. This was my 5th grader smile.

After an all-night car ride, the sunrise just outside Floripa.

Highest point on the island.

Natalia, Valerio, Thais, Dan, Jay, Leandro

Natalia, eager to catch some waves

Guarda do Embau. You have to wade through the ocean to get to this beach. The tide was higher than expected so we had to give up and grab a boat.

Dan is way more ripped than I am.

Boat ride back to shore.

Our boat dude was awesome. You could hardly understand him and he kept laughing hysterically at his own jokes ;)

One of the many cool, little hippie shops in the town.

We are Usain Bolt.

Dan found the biggest sand dollar ever.

Rice patties