Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have decided to create a new blog and retire the old one. My hope is to document my life more fully since I only blogged 4 times in 2 semesters, not that I need a new blog to do so, I just wanted to create a new one. I also anticipate more blogging potential during the summer. I have realized that I suffer from the "winter blues" because we finally had a warm, sunny day yesterday and I noticed just how happy I felt and how awesome life is as opposed to my feelings in the last 5 months. My theory—the sun's rays stimulate chemicals within your body that make you feel good, at least me anyway—and that is why I love summer. Is there scientific proof on this? Anyway, can't wait for summer. Here is a picture to spice the blog up.

With my mad photography skills I was able to capture this beautiful Hawaiian sunset.