Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Except Ye Become As Little Children

People sometimes ask me why I love Brazil so much. Today while pondering the exact reason, I had an epiphany--I feel no prejudice there. Like a child that has not had the time or experience to develop any sort of preconception, that's how I feel in Brazil. It's a fresh perspective and I enjoy every new opportunity and every new friend. Perhaps that is one reason why Christ admonished us to be as little children.


Samantha said...

That's awesome- and interesting. What exactly do you mean? You don't feel like you are discriminated against, or you don't feel there is any discrimination down there for anyone, or less at least, or you discriminate less or something? Just curious. That's a cool observation, too. Perhaps we all feel this way a bit when we travel to a new place and that's why it feels so deeply invigorating to travel or something. Seeing things and people through new eyes, not knowing where everything fits since it's new, or something.

J said...

Samantha, what I mean is that I hold much less prejudice which allows me to enjoy everything more. Brazil has its share of prejudices ingrained into society just like any country. But I think, perhaps, because I did not grow up exposed to them all, I do not share them.

And I agree with you. I think this is one reason why people love to travel.